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We are proud to be promoting  choral singing IN NEW ZEALAND.



Kate directs Everybody Sings - Stonefields and Hobsonville.  She believes that everyone can sing and that singing is a skill, like any other, which can be improved through instruction, practice and encouragement.  Kate is a professional choir director, arranger, composer and singing teacher.  She has a Masters in Music from Auckland University, majoring in composition and choral direction.  She sings with the University of Auckland Chamber Choir.                                                

                                        MELONIE ROBERTS- ADMIN DIRECTOR

Melonie formed Stonefields Choir in 2012 before asking Kate to become the Musical Director in 2013. An active singer in the Choir Mel has ensured the choir has grown to over 100 strong. Melonie has a BA (hons) in Performing Arts from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and has been in several Choirs in the UK prior to coming to NZ and setting up her own.

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Contact details

If you have a question regarding our current choirs please contact Mel Roberts on 021 677778 or e-mail at the address below