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Singing is all about team work, most of us would not stand up alone in front of a group and sing (there are always exceptions we know!!). In a choir environment you are never alone, you are supported by those around you. No one individual can be heard but every single person helps create the great sound that you make.

Just like business, success is delivered though the contribution of every individual not one person, lead singers need a band behind them to succeed and each person plays their instrument and their part. This is in the same way that every individual in your business plays a role in your success.

Remember - when JFK was visiting NASA he stopped in a corridor and asked the guy cleaning the floor what he was doing - his response “i’m helping get a man on the moon Sir!”

Success sometime requires people to put themselves out of their comfort zone or work with people outside of their normal teams, we will break down the barriers and help create this environment in your business.

With an Everybody Sings corporate team building event we will spend some time explaining the value of team, our speaker who has been a leader in large multinational businesses will share some of the stories of our Choir members whose life has been changed by the teams that we have built. We will link this directly to the strategic message that you are delivering at your event. Our fully trained Choir leaders will then work their magic. Splitting into two or more groups we will show how working as a team can create fantastic sound in a really short period of time, something that can translate into your business through improved teamwork.

Your people will work with others who maybe they don’t on a day to day basis, creating new relationships through a shared experience that will endure your place of work.

The Output! A lot of fun and laughter, a lot of people out of their comfort zones but supported by the team around them and 2 songs that they will be able to perform to the other groups that can be recorded for prosperity in multiple part Harmony.

We can tailor our work to the time that you have for your event, with a minimum of 2 hours required, and can cater to teams from 10 to 500.

To find out more and to do something different that will help you build the team you want in your organisation give us a call at Everybody Sings 021 685159 or send a request on the form below.