Expectation for membership of our extension groups

1.  These groups will run from 9pm to 9.30pm on ordinary choir nights, immediately after main choir.

2.  They are intended to provide extra challenge and extra tuition for members who feel they would like the opportunity to try more difficult music and work more intensely on their singing technique.

3.  The repertoire will be a mixture of classical choral and contemporary styles, and at least some of it will be more challenging than the general choir music.

4.  A high level of commitment is expected.  This means regular attendance (each choir leader will set their own minimum level, and be the arbiter of whether a member has met this criterion or not), rehearsal preparation (ie knowing the music by the time requested) and attitude (keeping a smile on your dial, even if you're tired or you don't like the song).

5.  Members are responsible for learning the notes themselves.  It might not always be possible to supply Musescore versions, as purchased arrangements do not generally have Musescores available.  And choir leaders are not expected to create demo files for these groups.  This means that if you wish to belong to an extension group but you don't read music, you might need to organise some sessions with someone else in your section who does, or use other means such as recording rehearsals on your phone or even organising a private lesson, which you could also record.  At most, choir leaders will go through the notes in the first two sessions. 

6. Members must be prepared to receive honest individual feedback, sometimes in front of the group, as this can be a learning opportunity for everyone.  Personal feedback will be delivered kindly, and will only be given with the intention of improving the sound of the individual voice, and the sound of the choir as a whole.  This is one of the benefits of belonging to a smaller group:  the opportunity to receive more personalised feedback. 

7. A high standard of performance is the aim and a song will be performed in a concert if the choir leader feels that it has reached the required standard.