Musescore files will work with a programme called MuseScore, this programme will allow you to see the score and hear the music played at the same time, the programme can do many things but the main thing you will need to learn is how to activate playback, how to adjust volume and tempo, and how to mute the parts you don't want to hear.  You can download a copy of the free programme by clicking here, then you will be able to play the files below by downloading them and opening them as you would a word document. When you have the software on your device when you click on the dowloaded file it will automatically open in Musescore.

Unfortunately you can no longer download this as an APP from the app store without incurring a charge so you cannot run it as an app you can only download via the link above which takes you to

The 'Mixer' (click on View, Mixer) is quite useful, using the mixer you can adjust the volume of the different parts, so as an example you can hear your part louder with the other parts playing quieter.

We believe that the software is easy to use however click here for a youtube clip which shows you through many of the features.