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Everybody Sings - Stonefields is an all comers mixed choir based out of Stonefields School - Auckland on Monday evenings.

Term 3 2019 starts - Monday 22nd July 2019.

Term 4 2019 starts Monday 14th October and runs through 9th December.

Why not register and come along one evening to see what we do



Formed in September 2012 by Melonie Roberts, Everybody Sings - Stonefields has grown to a 95-strong group of singers. Kate Bell joined Stonefields as its musical director in 2013, and it was this partnership which gave rise to Everybody Sings in its present form.

The aim of all of our choirs is to have fun, sing our hearts out, maybe learn some new skills or rekindle some old ones and of course do the occasional performance.

Our choir membership is incredibly diverse being made up of people from 16 to 80 and from all walks of life and nationalities. Some of us read music, others do not, some of us have been in choirs before in NZ or further afield and, again, many are new to choral singing.

We are not a religious choir but this does not stop us singing celebratory hymns or songs if we feel they will add to our repertoire. We sing music from many genres including pop, gospel, classical choral, waiata and world music.

This choir has an extension group, known as SFX, which anyone may choose to join. SFX provides an opportunity for those in the larger choir who would like to tackle some more challenging music and take the opportunity for more detailed work in a smaller ensemble. Members are expected to be responsible for learning the music themselves. Some resources are provided and SFX members also support each other in this task.

We meet to practice at Stonefields School Hall on Mondays during school terms from 7.15pm until 9pm, with a short refreshment break in the middle of the session. SFX meets immediately afterwards until 9.30pm.