VCCV, or Volcanic City Chamber Voices,  runs for the last half hour of each weekly rehearsal, so on Wednesday nights from 8.45 to 9.15pm.  Members of this group are required to be in the Main Choir as well, but...

...anyone in VCV can choose to be part of this group as well.  No auditions necessary!

This group is for people who would like a greater challenge with their singing, and who are willing to be responsible for learning the music themselves, with minimal help from me, and who are also willing to accept specific feedback in choir rehearsals.  The arrangements are more complex than for the Main Choir, and to help with that, wherever possible I will add a musescore version to this website.  

There is information about using the Musescore program here and our musescores are here.

There is an extra charge of $10 per term for belonging to VCCV, on top of the $90 fee for VCV.  

If you have a question regarding our current choirs please contact Mel Roberts on 021 677778 or  simply click on the button above to sign up or register.