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  • Regarding All Together Now
  • All Together Now Auckland Central is great fun to be a part of for a
    number of reasons. Kate and Steven are incredible teachers and so
    committed to the kaupapa of the choirs. The music is always beautifully
    arranged and song choices are thoughtful and appropriate. Meeting new
    people and getting to know the members of the choir is great fun,
    especially the monthly gathering for pre-rehearsal dinner that is organised by the members.
    - Brenda, Auckland Central

    I have been really enjoying singing in Auckland Central Choir for almost
    a year now. I have found other choir members to be really welcoming and
    helpful. It's quite special to sing in such a large choir. If I lose
    my way there are often other strong voices to guide me. I particularly
    appreciate the vast range of songs we are learning. Some of them are
    simply beautiful. Steven and Kate are fantastic choir leaders. They
    are both so respectful and encouraging. They obviously have a thorough
    understanding of music and a wealth of experience as they each have an
    amazing ability to teach us new songs at just the right pace. I feel
    very safe in their hands. Choir nights are fun and uplifting.
    - Anne, Auckland Central

    The fundamental approach –“ Everyone can sing” is after my own
    heart. The time and effort put into ensuring warm up is full - the
    instruction, designed for achievement – is refreshing, light-hearted
    and satisfying.

    Our one-day workshop proved that we could achieve four part songs,
    harmoniously, and for an audience, after a few hours. This is because
    the teachers' singing is tuneful, careful, and patient.

    People can join without reading music and enjoy being there without
    prejudice. There's no pressure to sing a particular part; it's all

    - Gill

    In the All Together Now choir, I've found not just music, but a true
    sense of belonging and unity. Our voices come together as one, creating
    a tapestry of sound that is both amazing and humbling. Beyond the music,
    being part of this choir has sharpened my discipline, patience, and
    teamwork. Learning to blend my voice with others has been a profound
    lesson in cooperation and empathy. These lessons are in no short part a
    result of the leadership and expertise that Kate and Steven provide to
    the choir.

    When we get the chance to perform, I see the smiles in the audience, the
    tears of joy, and the moments of transcendence. The choir is not just
    about singing; it's about connecting with others on a profound level and
    touching the hearts of those who listen.

    In the end, our choir is not just a musical ensemble; it is a place to
    belong and be inspired. It's a reminder that when we come together, we
    create something far greater than ourselves. This is why I keep coming
    back year after year and I am very grateful to be able to do so.
    - David, Auckland Central

    The choir has been so welcoming taking me in from the first day like
    I've always been part of this big family. The song arrangements are so
    heartwarming, and even though we have practised some of them many times
    the harmony that is coming through uplifts me every time and lets me
    - Alexandra, Auckland Central


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